Central & North Miranda PRA



An independent, non political, non profit association

Precinct meetings are held on the second Thursday of February, May, August and November at the Miranda Community Centre, Karimbla Road, Miranda at 7.45pm.

Everyone welcome!


In 1992, the Sutherland Shire Council set up a system of independent Precinct Residents Associations as a liaison between the community, Council and State Government.

This Association provides a forum for the residents and rate payers in the North and Central Miranda Area to consider matters impacting the community and aims to protect and improve amenity and quality of life in our precinct. (see boundaries for precinct on diagram at the end of this page). We address a wide variety of concerns including development, housing, transport, safety, environment, services, residential amenity and planning for the future.

Centenary Park (pictured) is very popular and enjoyed by children and all age groups. Its original owner Energy Australia, then a State Government utility, moved to sell the site for high density units. Your association with its supporters stopped the sale by persistently lobbying the State Government and Council to develop the site into the park we enjoy today. It took 12 years to achieve this outcome. We thank both tiers of Government for listening to the community.

We continue to lobby for protection of open space in Miranda. 

All residents are encouraged to attend meetings and find out what is happening in our area and the Shire.