Current situation 

The Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATLwill provide the main east/west link in the active transport network but needs to be safe, direct and well connected. 


SCATL Stage 1 from Sutherland to Kirrawee along president avenue was completed 2020. 

SCATL Stage 2 Eastern section: route from Jackson Avenue, Miranda to Gannons Road, Caringbah has recently begun 

August update from TfNSW  

"Transport for NSW is delivering the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL). A pedestrian and bicycle path linking Sutherland to Cronulla. Stage 2 East construction is underway between Jackson Avenue, Miranda and Gannons Road, Caringbah. 

Denman Avenue Tree Removal 

We have listened to concerns in the community about the number of trees being removed on Denman Avenue, Caringbah and have worked with professional arborists to reduce this impact where possible."  


SCATL Stage 2 Western Section: route from Kirrawee station to Jackson Avenue Miranda is currently under discussion between TfNSW,Sutherland Shire Council, Bicycles NSW, Sutherland Environment Centre and Miranda Residents association. 

SCATL Stage 3: Route from Gannons road to Cronulla will commence planning in mid 2023 


For more information or to speak with a member of the TfNSW project team, please call the Project Infoline on 1800 684 490 

To learn more about the proposed route option and frequently asked questions regards SCATL click on link. 

For your general information on TfNSWs core design principles and objectives for cycling infrastructure and active transport policies you can read their Transport for NSW cycling design toolbox

For TfNSW Road User Space Allocation Policy click on the following link.   

For the Transport Ministers response to the State Government’s expenditure committee questions in February 2021 revealing that $710 million has been set aside for Active Transport projects for the next 4 years. See the media release from TfNSW: 

The Sutherland Environment Centre have supplied a brief explanation of the desired route and problems with the currently proposed route along the Kingsway. Click on the following link for their guidelines NOVEMBER 2020 




Council's submission on the review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the most recent stage 2 proposal for SCATL raises many concerns about the reliance on The Kingsway as the principal route for much of its length.  

The State Government's current proposed 100% road route is not supported by  Council or the Community. It would not be acceptable to potential users or encourage people to shift from car use to active transport. It is less safe than the 2015/2016 REF route due to conflict between cyclists and pedestrians and conflict between cyclists and vehicles at the large number of side streets and driveway crossing points.  

The proposal does not comply with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) own standards for a principal cycleway in "Cycleway Design Toolbox". The original intent of SCATL to be a safe and direct east/west route along the spine of the Shire has been changed to focus on short trips. 

The current route has changed so significantly that users no longer have the option of longer trips without many road and driveway crossing points. Council considers it has not been given sufficient justification why 100% of the rail corridor has been excluded in the latest proposal when the 2015/2016 REF proposed that 59% of the route be in the rail corridor.  

Council suggests that the SCATL should follow the rail corridor as the rule and only deviate from the corridor where reasonable constraints prevent corridor use. Council suggests that part of SCATL Stage 2 could be constructed between Oak Road and Sylvania Road following the mix of rail corridor and road route as proposed in the 2015/2016 REF. This could be undertaken while the complex section between Sylvania Road and Jackson Road Miranda is worked through with the community.  

TfNSW has sought comments from Council on SCATL Stage 3 between Gannons Road and Cronulla Station. Council has submitted a route design which makes significant use of the rail corridor.   

For details on Current Council submission and information on SCATL see Council Business Papers 21/2/22 COR 018-22 on Council website: 


For original promise by State Government in June 2015 Click on link 


In March 2019 the State Government announced that they would provide 4.3 million dollars to complete the design of stage 2 of SCATL and will complete the entire route from 2021 to 2023 at a cost of $30 + million dollars and the Sutherland Shire Council which supports SCATL will contribute $5million dollars.  A Transport for NSW official said “the majority” of stage two would be in the rail corridor. (Murray Trembath St George and Sutherland Shire Leader 27th Feb 2019) (attached including the Sutherland to Cronulla shared path was announced on the 2nd March (Esther Ham Sydney Morning Herald 2nd March 2019) . 

Designs for stage 2 Westerns Section from Kirrawee to Jackson Road Miranda is still under discussion. The eastern Section from Jackson Road Miranda unfortunately is running along the footpath along the Kingsway and past Sutherland hospital. It has already been funded and designed and is currently being built.  

The Sutherland Council has purchased the 1961sq metre site next to Kirrawee train station for a park to help facilitate implementation of the Sutherland to cronulla shared path (SCATL) mostly in the rail corridor. This section is still under discussion and final design has not been announced. 


The following summary report from 2017 still reflects the Councils  position on SCATL. 

SCATL Report number : INF003-18 Committee meeting 03/07/2017 

The purpose of this report is to update Council on the status of the Sutherland Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) and to seek Council's ‘in principal’ support for the project, which will assist and compliment Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) business case being prepared for the consideration of the NSW Government.  

The report was passed in bulk by Council 17/07/2017 

  1. In principle’ support for the construction of the Sutherland Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) be communicated to Transport for New South Wales. 
  2. Council’s potential contribution to the project be limited to the recommendation contained in INF001A-18.( Confidential costing by Council)
  3. Further consideration of Council’s commitment to the project be subject to the provision of a Business Case for the Sutherland Cronulla Active Transport Link which examines the opportunity of revising the Section 94 Open Space Contributions Plan to fund Council's contribution of the Sutherland Cronulla Active Transport Link outside the rail corridor. 

Council's main concerns with Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) design.

  • The low proportion of the SCATL (29%) proposed to be constructed in the rail corridor;
  • The proposed route along Karimbla Road between Sylvania Road and Kareena Road, Miranda; and
  • The proposed route along Kingsway between Gannons Road and Connels Road, Cronulla.  

To view  Full  Council Report  select 03/07/2017 Business Paper  Shire Infrastructure Committee INFOO1-18 ( INF003 ) Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL)on the following site 

SCATL passed in bulk by Council on 17/07/2017  




In 2006 more than 3000 Shire residents petitioned the State Government to build a safe shared off-road cycleway/pedestrian direct pathway from Sutherland to Cronulla. The shared path was to provide an off road option for cyclists especially children and for walkers and runners and to give local residents the option of accessing major transport links and commercial and recreation areas without the need to take a car, navigate traffic jams and struggle for parking. An initial pathway was developed with State government appointed Designers (GTA) and Council and four options were identified. Following community workshops the rail corridor options which were identified as viable were the preferred route supported by 85% of community groups and by Council. 

The final design was completed in 2010  


The long-standing proposal for an off-road shared path from Sutherland to Cronulla was put back on the agenda thanks to the support of three local State Government members Graham Annesley (then member for Miranda), Mark Speakman (member for Cronulla) and Lee Evans (member for Heathcote). 

These members met with the then Minister for Transport Gladys Berijiklian on August 8 2013 to request her assistance in the assessment and approval of the proposed route for inclusion in the NSW State Transport Plan. 

As part of the Sutherland to Cronulla Shared Path Coalition representatives from Miranda Precinct residents association (MPRA) also attended the meeting. This meeting was a follow up from a recent community forum for the Long Term Transport Masterplan which had been held at Sutherland. 

The Transport Minister Gladys Beijiklian announced on October 11 2013 that the State Government would commit up to 2 million dollars for the planning and design of a shared pedestrian cycle way between Sutherland and Cronulla. “Funding will progress the detailed design to identify the scope and likely cost of the project between the Sutherland and Cronulla transport interchanges”, she said. “The link would provide access to key transport, shopping and health services.” 

She said the project was a “key issue” raised at the community forum for the Long Term Transport Master Plan she attended at Sutherland last year. 

MurrayTrembath LEADER Oct 11, 2013 


After much campaigning and support from the then local member for Miranda and Minister for recreation Graham Ainsley the Woolooware Bay shared path missing link project was finally completed in April 2018. The Link connects Woolooware Shores with Atkinson Rd around the Bay 

For further information you can ring Ingo Koernicke the Councils Senior Environmental Scientist  9710 0624 

Anyone interested in off-road shared paths in the Shire can contact: 

Diane Hallion      0410320890