- Most of the growth in development under LEP 2015 will occur in the centres - The population of Miranda Centre is expected to double by 2026. This will create demand for new parks and recreational facilities which will be funded by contrbutions from developers.

- In November 2016 Council adopted 2 new developer contributions plans - section 94 and section 94A.

- Section 7.11 Plan applies to growth centres of Cronulla, Miranda, Gymea, Jannali, Engadine and Kirrawee/Sutherland. Section 7.11 has stricter rules. Funds must be spent on works associated with public open space and recreational facilities.

- Section 7.12 Plan applies to the rest of the Shire. Section 7.12 levies are less than Section 7.11 levies but Council has more discretion on how and where it spends the money. As well as funding open space, a significant proportion of the Section 7.12 funds are proposed to be spent on works such as roads, footpaths, stormwater drainage and maintenance of infrastructure.

- Due to the high cost of land, Council predicts that the Sectin 7.11 and 7.12 Plans will not have sufficient funds to acquire enough land for new public open space to maintain the current ratio of open space per capita. Over time, the amount of public open space per capita will decline.

- Currently regional parks and sporting fields are at capacity during peak periods. To cater for the increased population, Council proposes to make improvements to existing parks and sporting facilities to increase their carrying capacity, such as installation of lighting at sporting fields.


- Acquisition of land along Ewey Creek corridor to create a walking track.

- Construction of a small park in University Road.

- Embellishment of Darley Street Reserve.

- Acquisition of land to create a new park near Miranda Centre.

See Shire Strategic Planning Committee report PLN008-20 9/03/2020