20 September 2018

Dear Shire MPs (Mark Speakman, Eleni Petinos, Melanie Gibbons and LeeEvans),

I am a resident of the Sutherland Shire who considers the Sutherland-Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) to be a project of very high priority for the following reasons.

-SCATL offers  a safe shared off-road pedestrian/cycle path which will allow residents to leave their cars at home.

-The State Government has facilitated a rapid increase in population density in the Shire, allowing the construction of numerous high rise apartment complexes, many with inadequate parking. An outcome of this has been highlighted by a recent Sutherland council audit showing that transport and parking in the Shire were above capacity and not performing well. SCATL offers a solution to these problems at a fraction of the cost of upgrading roads, public transport and parking structures.

- SCATL will improve the health of Shire residents by providing an active alternative to get from place to place. SCATL will allow children to safely travel to and from school and after school activities without parents needing to drive them. SCATL will allow people to access commercial centres, such as Miranda, Caringbah and Sutherland for work, shopping and social activities without the use of a car or public transport. Not only does SCATL address obesity issues but less vehicles on our roads means a decrease in emissions of particulate matter and the damaging gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that cause cardiovascular and respiratory disease. This will decrease public health costs.

- In addition, SCATL will improve residents health and increase patronage of local businesses.

- A petition urging Sutherland Council to support this project and get it started was circulated in July 2017 for only a week and collected 656 signatures. This is in addition to over 3,000 who urged the government to build it during the Cronulla train line duplication. Residents of the Shire want SCATL built!

I ask that you and the government commit to building SCATL in its entirety within a reasonable time frame. It would be a disappointing outcome if a few disconnected sections were built with no certainty of completion.

Thank you,


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Eleni Petinos

(02) 9525 6378


577 Kingsway


PO. Box 510 Miranda NSW 149



Mark Speakman


Address: Suite 203, 30 the Kingsway CRONULLA

Postal: PO Box 125 CRONULLA NSW 2230

Email: Cronulla@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 9527 1477


LOCAL STATE MEMBER FOR HEATHCOTE (Includes Sutherland ,Kirrawee, Bangor,Woronora. Engadine, Menai,)

Mr Lee Evans, MP

Shops 1&2 17 -23 Station Street Engadine NSW 2233


Phone (02) 9548 0144 FAX (02) 95485639


LOCAL STATE MEMBER FOR HOLSWORTHY (Includes Lucas Heights Barden Ridge, Bangor)

Ms Melanie Gibbons, MP

(02) 9825 3653   FAX (02) 9825 4861

E mail: holsworthy@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Address 60 Walder Road ,Hammondville


Sutherland-Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL)