Current Issues: February 2024




Closing date for submissions is Friday 23 February

4-6 storey residential flat buildings will be allowed in R3 Medium Density Zones which are within 800 metres walking distance from transport hubs such as stations and Local centres.

2 storey residential flat buildings (no limit on number of units) will be allowed in R2 Low density zones within 800metres of local centres and transport hubs such as stations.

Non-Refusal standards. If applications comply with state Government standards they can’t be refused.

The reforms will override Council Planning Controls

Neighbours will have no input. 

The Draft Policy has not allowed for increased demands for infrastructure – water sewerage, electricity, schools, open space, community and sporting facilities. Reduced car parking will result in more cars being parked in the streets.

See our State Planning page for more details - click here.

To voice your opinion, complete a submission opposing reforms through the State Government Website:


Council is opposing reforms

To read Councils submission opposing State Planning reforms in the Sutherland Shire. Go to page 23 Report for Council meeting 19 February 2024   COR001-24 State Planning Reforms





The Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) is an off road shared path for both Cyclists and pedestrians. SCATL will provide the main east/west link through the Sutherland Shire but needs to be safe, direct and well connected. 

Stage 1: Sutherland to Kirrawee was completed in 2020. 

Stage 2: Eastern section: from Jackson Avenue, Miranda to Gannons Road, Caringbah has recently begun construction. 

There is current community objection by the community to the proposed removal of 73 trees along Denman Avenue. TfNSW has promised to replant at a 4;1 ratio. 

TfNSW  August 2023 update:

Stage 2 East construction is underway between Jackson Avenue, Miranda and Gannons Road, Caringbah. 

Denman Avenue Tree Removal 

We have listened to concerns in the community about the number of trees being removed on Denman Avenue, Caringbah and have worked with professional arborists to reduce this impact where possible.  


Stage 2 Western Section: from Kirrawee station to Jackson Road, Miranda is currently under discussion between TfNSW, Sutherland Shire Council, Bicycles NSW, Sutherland Environment Centre and Miranda Residents association. 

Stage 3: from Gannons road to Cronulla will commence planning in mid 2023. 

Click here for more information on our SCATL page. 




Stage 1:

The Seymour Shaw Park Stage 1 Recreational Youth Space is now open.

The Seymour Shaw Active Precinct features two deep skate bowls, Plaza skating, parkour, outdoor children’s playground, half basketball court, seating, grassed areas, and barbeques.


Although a skate park was not widely supported by Miranda residents the final plans   included a skate park based on a previous Council community survey which found most residents across the region supported it. The skate park has been designed to cater for all ages and abilities. Stage 1 is now completed.


For Stage 2:

Council has allocated fundings to undertake the works (multi years project), and the design is currently in progress with timeline as below:

  • Design: July 23 – Jan 24
  • Procurement for Contractor: Feb 24 to Apr 24
  • Construction: May 24 – Apr 25 (12 months duration)
  • Stage 2 will include major re-levelling of the soccer, netball and cricket fields, toilet upgrades, demolition of netball control rooms upgraded to a multi purpose building, bleacher seating, Wandella carpark stage 2, relocation of the cricket nets (N-S alignment near The Boulevard).


For Stage 3:

Council have allocated funding to carry out the Design in the 24/25 Financial year.

Stage 3 includes exercise equipment and development of tennis courts and amenities building.

Currently there is no further information on when the construction will start.


Tennis Courts 

Council has allocated funding in 23/24 financial year to carry out resurfacing works as part of its ongoing maintenance program although this is separate to the stage 3 redevelopment.


There are also stages 4 and 5 as part of overall redevelopment.


For further information see our Seymour Shaw Park page.






New State Environmental Policy (SEPP) streamlines the approval process.  

New childcare centres may be located on a lot of any size and have any length of street frontage or lot depth. 

Click on State Planning page for more information 


The housing SEPP updates the planning rules for social and affordable housing, boarding houses, build to rent housing and seniors housing The housing SEPP introduces 2 new types of housing – co-living housing and independent living units. All these types of housing can be built in the Sutherland Shire. 

For more details and the incentives provided by the State Government see State Planning Page. 

-THE LOW RISE HOUSING DIVERSITY CODE (Dual Occupancies, Terraces and Manor Houses).  

The Code came into force July 1 2020 and applies across all areas in NSW. The code allows some types of medium density housing to be assessed as Complying Development – a fast track approval system with no requirement for a development application, no notification of neighbours and no right of community objection. 

For details see State Planning Page. 


The NSW State Government has introduced new planning rules for boarding houses. 

For details about the new State policy, council controls for boarding house and boarding house locations  

See boarding house page 




The Local Housing Strategy sets out Council’s long term priorities for housing in the Sutherland Shire. It set a 20 years housing target and names the centres where rezoning of areas to high density and increased building height and floor space are proposed.


The most significant actions are the plans for the town centres and surrounding areas which will be staged over a period of 3-4 years. The plans will designate the specific areas to be rezoned for high density. The first plans to be exhibited will be for Miranda, Sutherland/Kirrawee and Caringbah in early 2024. The changes to zones and development standards in the centres will be implemented through amendments to 

Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015 (SSLEP2015). 

For details go to Housing Strategy Page 

Points to consider: Will concentration of high density development development around centres protect low density zones from proliferation of dual occupancies and town houses? 

Draft Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme    

Council must prepare an Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme which will apply to areas which benefit from an increase in development potential. The State Government wants Councils to facilitate an increased number of affordable housing dwellings. 

For details see Housing Strategy page 

Proposed Collaboration agreement with NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) 

The overall intent of the Agreement is to remove barriers to LAHC providing social housing in Sutherland Shire Areas for collaboration include identification of priority areas.


See housing strategy page for more details 



The Development Control Plan (DCP)applies to all properties in Sutherland Shire and supports the Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan (LEP)2015. The DCP contains detailed development controls and guidelines for specific types of development such as residential flats, townhouses, dual occupancies and single dwellings, boarding houses,for building setbacks, carparking, access to sunlight and for specific precincts such as Miranda Pinnacle Street Precinct. Council amends the DCP controls when required e.g. Amendment 5 introduced new controls for boarding houses to reduce their impact. Amendment 6 introduced a maximum rate for car parking and amendments for Bicycle parking and street trees. Other amendments include street trees and bicycles for boarding houses, car parking rates, bicycle parking and street trees. 

For more details see Sutherland Shire Development Control Plan 2015 page  

For information on how it applies to individual properties see Plan and Build – Planning for Sutherland Shire – Development Control Plans on Council web site 



The Local Environment Plan (LEP) controls the development of land in the Sutherland Shire. It specifies the different zones, the objective of each zone and which types of development are permitted in each zone. It sets standards for development such as building height, floor space ratio (FSR) ,landscaping ratio and provides maps. 

-Development in Miranda under current LEP2015


Since the current Shire Local Environment Plan (LEP) came into force on 23/06/2015 there has been a significant increase in development applications lodged with Council.  

Development has been occurring at a much faster rate than predicted in LEP 2015. In the Pinnacle Street/University Road Precinct Council predicted that 522 units would be built by 2031. There are currently 758 units under construction or recently completed in the Precinct.  

-A New LEP is currently being developed see LEP page for more details 



The strategy outlines the methods Council will use to engage with the community and seek feedback on a range of strategies, policies, plans and projects that have a direct impact on our community and quality of life. The Strategy sets out the methods Council uses to notify the community about key long term plans such as the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and development applications, the length of time they will be 

exhibited and time allowed for submissions. For example Council regularly seeks feedback via Join The Conversation which is easy to access via their website. 

To view Community Engagement Strategy go to:

Reports for Council Meetings and meetings of Planning and Growth, Infrastructure, Services, Corporate Governance and Traffic and Safety Committees and the Local planning committee are available. All papers have a clear index and information is easily accessible. 

To Contact Council phone 02 9710 0333 

All Current Council Meetings and business Papers 



The Strategy outlines four key outcomes centred on planning for a  safe and sustainable transport system that will allow the community to conveniently access services, employment, business and recreational pursuits via a choice of transport options.Key measures proposed aim to reduce car dependency and support more sustainable modes of transport like walking,cycling and public transport. 

Link to Integrated transport strategy Council web site 

-Planning For Active And Public Transport Strategies  

The objective of the Public Transport Strategy is to increase the public transport share of all daily trips in the Sutherland Shire by 35% by 2030. The objective of the active transport strategy is to increase the current active transport share of all daily trips by 25% by 2030.Active Transport includes walking and cycling. 

Link to Public Transport Strategy and Active Transport Strategy on Council website. 



-More high density for Miranda 

Council is required to prepare a local Strategic Planning statement (LSPS) which sets out the vision and planning principles to guide land use decisions in Sutherland Shire for the next 20 years. It identifies priorities for infrastructure, housing, town centres, employment, transport, recreation and the environment. It will shape how the planning framework, comprising the Local Environment Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) and development contributions plans evolve over time. 

Council intends to continue policy of increasing density within 800 metres of centres, particularly in Sutherland and Miranda. Expanding the residential flat zones, increasing building height and density in existing zones and enlarging the commercial centres are all being considered. However there is community concern there would be increased overshadowing and wind tunnel effect causing adverse impact on the amenity of streets and pedestrians. 

For more details go to Housing Strategy Page 



-Projects under Development Contribution Plans 

Contributions Plans collect levies on new residential development to improve and expand recreation facilities. Two plans apply in the Shire: Section 7.11 which applies to development in town centres and section 7.12 which applies to development on land outside the centres. Council regularly reviews and updates he works schedules in the Plans to remove completed projects and add new ones. 

A population increase of 26,550 is predicted in the Sutherland Shire by 2026 with the largest increase in the Shire’s growth centres – the population in Miranda Centre is predicted to double. This will create demand for new parks and sporting facilities. However Council states that the amount of public open space per person will decline over time.

For more information about the plans and projects go to our 7.11 and 7.12 page


For details of the proposed changes see Council Shire Strategic Planning committee report PLN008-20,9.3 2020 - Development contributions plan S7.11 and S7.12 - Draft ammendment 3. 


M6 MOTORWAY (was F6) 

-Significant loss of open space and sporting facilities predicted. 

Council predicts that construction of the M6 motorway will result in significant losses of public open space and sporting facilities as well as other uses such as the tramway museum at Loftus and part of the Royal National Park regardless of the method of construction.53 hectares of the corridor are designated for playing fields, reserves or Royal National Park. Options to overcome these losses include like for like provision at alternative locations, but lack of suitable locations and considerable costs are potential 


For detail and maps showing the M6 corridor and current uses that would be potentially affected by its construction see Shire Strategic Planning Committee Report PLN009- 20,9.3.2020 or click here: 



Shire Planning Committee Business paper (monday 3rd September 2018) 

The analysis of Sutherland Shire Infrastructure report: 

 - Rail network over capacity at peak travel times up to 150%  on some occasions 

 - Road capacity at major entry and exit points recorded as at or above capacity at peak 


 - Car parking is at capacity in centres and is a major concern for community 

For further information on infrastructure click on the following link and select Shire 

Planning committee Business paper 03/09/2018 



Between 6,000 and 7,000 trees are removed every year in the Sutherland Shire. 

Council is providing quarterly reports on tree removal in the Sutherland Shire. The report for the period 1/8/2017 to 1/2/18 shows that Council does not have accurate data on tree removal and replacement.  

Council Report COR022-18 Council meeting 21/5/2017 

See “GREEN STREETS PROGRAM” page for details on how Council  is offsetting the loss of so many trees and how residents can participate. 




Councillors were stripped of their powers to vote on development applications. 

In 2017 the NSW State Government introduced new rules for the determination of development applications. The changes are mandatory for all councils in Sydney and Wollongong and are intended to combat the risk of corruption and conflict of interest. 

For more detail go to Council page  



Win for Residents. 

Due to significant community objection, council withdrew Miranda/ Caringbah from the State Government’s Urban Activation Precinct Program. Then State MP for Miranda, Grahame Annesley also expressed concerns and stated he could not support the Urban Activation Precinct. Council voted to retain Sutherland/ Kirrawee/ Loftus as an Urban Activation Precinct, but withdrew Waratah Park and the area west of the railway from the nominated area. 

For more information on urban activation areas and implications, click HERE.


The Development, Assessment and Planning report can be viewed on the Sutherland Shire 

Council website: reference DAP035-16  (6/10/2015) 



In 2012 the then Sutherland Shire Council voted to allow Miranda RSL to enlarge its proposed development site at Sutherland by including 13,346 square metres of adjoining public open space in Waratah Park. This is the same sized area as the very popular Centenary Park in Miranda. 

For more information see WARATAH PARK PUBLIC SPACE UNDER THREAT page 


The state government has given the go-ahead for coal mining under Woronora Dam, rejecting appeals by environmental and community groups and a hard copy petition signed by more than 10,700 people. 


Pea Body Energy  requested final approval to start coal mining directly under Woronora  Dam. Mining in the Woronora dam catchment area has already caused significant damage.  

The Woronora Dam supplies 100% of the drinking water from Helensburgh to Engadine, Maianbar and Bundeena and 30% of the water to suburbs between Sutherland and Cronulla.


The Sutherland Environment centre was collecting signatures for a hard copy petition opposing mining under the Woronora Dam. 

Further information on the proposal and the damage it can cause can be found on the Environment Centre facebook page and in recent articles in both the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sutherland and St George Leader. calls-for-halt-20190726-p52azm.htmlfbclid=IwAR3ox8Y_AATtxQpG5oPwEed4K5A2y1gD3P0_ZUFXOiPZ- JlgzcrCAWOVfXA 

How You Can Help 

Become a member, be well informed and join the debate.

There is a minimum fee per household (as required under the rules of incorporation). $1 initial joining fee and $5 annual fee. All residents and ratepayers in the precinct are welcome to attend meetings. You do not have to be a registered member. 

For more information please contact us.

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