Since LEP 2015 came into force on 23/6/2015 there has been a significant increase in development applications lodged with Council.

Development has been occurring at a much faster rate than predicted in LEP 2015. In the Pinnacle Street/University Road Precinct Council predicted that 520 units would be built by 2031. There are currently 758 units under construction or recently completed in the Precinct.


DA18/0884 - 114 units. 9-13 Pinnacle Street and 678-682 The Kingway was approved and subsequently amended to reduce the number of Affordable Rental Housing  units from 63 to 32.

DA18/0915-70 room boarding house for 128 residents and 24 units 34-38 Pinnacle Street was withdrawn and a previously approved development appliction for 45 units is under construction.

Development applications for units in Miranda received by Council since 23/6/2015 . Currently 1387 units.

-DA15/0625-48units              504 The Kingsway, 57-61 Miranda Road

-DA15/0742-197 units           660-664 The Kingsway, 2-22 University Road

-DA15/0851-17 units              40-42 Kiora Rd

-DA15/0947- 103units            6-14 Urunga Parade

-DA15/0976-45 units              2-4 Urunga Parade

-DA15/1037-132 units            13-21 University Rd, 1-5 Pinnacle Street

-DA15/1067-78 units              10-14 and 46-50 Pinnacle Street

-DA15/1156-45 units              34-38 Pinnacle Street

-DA 15/1186-70 units             63-65 Miranda Road, 1-5 Urunga Parade

-DA 15/1254-101 units           16-20 and 40-44 Pinnacle Street

-DA 15/1475-63 units             508-512 Kingsway and 1-3 Higherdale Street  

-DA15/1552-66 units              1-3 University Road, 668, 668A, 670 The Kingsway

-DA15/1623-36 units              22-26 Pinnacle Street

-DA16/0950-38units             5 Higherdale Avenue 

-DA16/0641-57units            14 Wandella Road  

-DA16/1411-70units             678-682 Kingsway

-DA17/0100-57units             557 The Kingsway   ( Includes commercial spaces)

-DA17/0180-44units             3,5 and 7 Gurrier Avenue and 19 Urunga Parade  

-DA17/0381-51 units            222-224 Sylvania Road & 30-32 Pinnacle Street

-DA17/0452-36units             506 The Kingsway & 2-4 Higherdale Avenue


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You can view LEP2015 including maps showing zones, building heights and floor space ratios on Council’s website by clicking here.


For information on how this will affect individual properties 

  • Contact NSW Department of Planning  92286111