Seymour Shaw Park Miranda Masterplan



Consultation Period - Monday 26 July to Monday 20 September 2021



 Consultation Period - Monday 26 July to Monday 20 September 2021

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In writing to Seymour Shaw Masterplan, Project Services, Sutherland Shire Council, Locked Bag 17, Sutherland 1499.

The full Council report can be viewed in detail here: pages 21-28


February 2 2021


A final Review of Draft Master plan and Youth Precinct Workshop has been changed to Tuesday 9 March.

At this third meeting the design team will present various Options Plans fror the SRG to analyse and discuss. If one of the option Plans is endorsed it will progress to the Master Plan to Concept stage.


The previous second stakeholders meeting was held on Tuesday the 17th November.

From consultations with residents we  identified the major Issues and ideas raised to be as follows:

- Do not situate the skate Park opposite the Parkside Village as the noise and lights from a skate park would negatively impact their amenity.The tennis supporters also want it away from courts as it would be a distraction. 

- The Skate Park should be situated on the corner of the Boulevard and Wandella road as it is away from apartments, opposite RMS land and has good surveillance from the road. Council designers also noted that the slope in this section is not an issue for skate park design.(the Skate park seems to be a definite for somewhere in park)

- Residents overlooking the park if engaged with the project could contribute to increased surveillance and overall safety for the whole community so their ideas should carry some weight. 

- The whole community within the region supports good exercise equipment. The older residents who have downsized to units in Miranda or are engaged in rehabilitation would be more likely to use it in the day while the younger residents would be more likely to use it after school or work. It could also be part of training regimes for the various sporting associations already established in Park. 

- The whole community supports a shaded promenade for walking around the perimeter of Seymour Shaw and there were many requests for an associated bike track. 

- The majority of the community within the region supports a shaded kids park for a variety of ages especially for the many families with children in apartments or townhouses in Miranda and those visiting Westfields or medical facilities.

- The families requested barbeque equipment

- There were  requests for a half basketball court which was hard to accommodate in the limited space available but Council designers were supportive of this inclusion and trying to include it somewhere.

There wasn’t really a decision reached as all the groups were pushing their own agendas so the designers are going to look at all options discussed.

- Council also owns R1 recreational land in Miranda Park on the corner of Sylvania Road and The Kingsway and a parcel of land at the back of the childcare centre on the Boulevard which could be used to increase park capacity.We agree that the space behind the childcare centre would not be suitable for childrens park or Skate park  due to lack of surveillance.

- There was a suggestion made at the Stakeholder's meeting for an underground car park under cricket and soccer pitches rather than numerous maintenance walls  to level grounds. The grounds could be turfed and it would retain greenspace.We would be interested in any costings for this option.

The final meeting to review overall design plans will now be  on Tuesday 9 March 2021.

Project Manager

Donna Hendeson

02 9710 0333



Sutherland Shire Council is considering improving the recreational opportunities at Seymour Shaw Park Miranda.These improvements are aimed at supporting active lifestyles now and into the future.

The Miranda Precinct Residents Associations (MPRA) application was accepted to be included in the Stakeholders Reference Group (SRG) for the Seymour Shaw youth precinct development project. The group consists of sporting bodies, community groups and residents. 

The elected representatives for this group are:

Councillor Jack Boyd mob 0425347435

Councillor Tom Croucher:   mob 0402412061

Our first workshop was held on Tuesday October 13 2020. There will be 2 more meetings one on Tuesday November 17 to review principles and site options .


Council staff attending were from various sections of Council including Assets, Design - landscape architects and engineers, Youth Services and Sport and Recreation. The meeting was facilitated by Council Community and Engagement officers. 

The first Workshop was to find out how, when and where each group would use the reserve and outlined the need and requirements in the Masterplan and the time line of future milestones and events.   

From this information gathering Workshop Council will collate the information which will inform the Site Analysis Plan for the first draft of the Concept Plan. 

The plans for the reserve will include a skate park based on a previous Council community survey which found most residents in the region supported it. The Skate park is being designed to cater for all ages and abilities.

The masterplan will be developed based on consultation with the stake holders representing different community groups.

 The MPRA association identified key issues for Miranda Residents to be:


The need for the reserve to be attractive and well shaded


Shared paths and exercise equipment to cater for all ages including older residents.

Upgrading the children’s park

Upgrading the toilets.

Attracting families and adults including barbeque areas to ensure surveillance of park usage.


Other stake holders present requested upgrading of the netball fields, cricket nets and football fields


Please email any suggestions, concerns or request you may have to enhance the reserve and to ensure it is a practical, useful and attractive regional reserve which caters for all ages now and into the future. (particularly for residents in Miranda)



Diane   0410320890 

We will ensure your contributions are considered in the development of the Master Plan at the next meeting of Stakeholders .

 For the result of the Councils previous 'Join the Conversation' community survey on Seymour Shaw Park  click link